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Are You Financial Healthy?

Many of us spend time and effort making sure ourselves and our families are healthy, but what about our finances? All too often, finances are an out of sight out of mind part of our lives until a problem arises. From income struggles to medical bills and overwhelming debts, your financial profile could be suffering. One of the biggest culprits to our financial health these days is credit card debt. Find out what your credit cards could be [...]

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Holiday Hiring On The Rise

In preparation for the already increasing interest in early holiday shopping , many retailers are hiring more seasonal staff. In efforts to outpace profits from the 2013 holiday season, stores are hoping that more staff will equal better service and bring the bigger bucks in this last quarter of the year. Staffing The Store Last year, some 786,200 jobs were added to stores during the final three months of the year. This year, it is expected for that [...]

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Avoid Holiday Debt: The Christmas Countdown Is Real

The temperatures are beginning to cool off and everything pumpkin-spice is in the air as the Fall Season rolls into full swing next week. So why are people talking about Christmas already when it isn’t even Halloween yet? Because there are less than 100 days until the Christmas holiday! That’s right. There are only 92 days until Christmas, which is 13 weeks away! Sounds much closer when you put it into that perspective. While you may not be [...]

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Taxes And Your Inheritance

Inheriting money from a lost loved one can be a tough time. With so many decisions ahead close to the emotions of the loss can make choosing what to do with the money difficult. Before you make any major moves with the inheritance money it is important to consider a few tax implications first. Taxes Tax  laws are complicated, but there are three ways you could be taxed on your inheritance. State inheritance taxes only apply to residents [...]

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Inside The New Apple Products

While Apple products have certainly not suffered a lack of demand their stock value did take a huge hit a few weeks ago after a massive data hack of the Cloud. After major leak of files and pictures was revealed many people started selling their stake in the company. With just a mere week away from their most recent new product launch, some theorized Apple’s brighter days could have been compromised by the hack. The Launch On September [...]

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