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Holiday Shopping Dangers

As the holiday season approaches many families will head out on weekends to get their gift shopping done. With an increase in holiday shopping also comes extra hassles and dangers. From traffic jams to package stealing, the holiday season has its fair share of drawbacks. Here are a few things to be looking for to protect your family and your gifts: Theft Ever wonder why you see an increase in police around shopping malls around the holiday seasons? Well, [...]

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Money Management and Millennials

Most Millennials have grown into the young adults of today, and are generally considered to comprise the age group born between 1980 and 2000. These are the people struggling with issues like student loan debts, trying to enter the workforce, looking at buying homes, or moving back in with their parents. This is also the generation currently dealing with a nationwide $1.2 trillion student loan debt, a $17 trillion dollar national debt, and whatever debt is incurred over the [...]

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