Like most people, we’ve made a few New Year’s resolutions. Our first resolution is to bring you an even more informative and entertaining Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter. Here’s what you’ll find in our first issue for January 2013:

Cancer and Mounting Medical Bills

Our lead story is all about dealing with the financial consequences of a cancer diagnosis in your family. Handling insurance deductibles, co-payments, and gaps in coverage. Initiating a dialogue with your oncologist about what the treatment will be and the costs involved. Seeking guidance from a cancer counselor or social worker and getting referrals to financial resources. And considering medical bankruptcy for a fresh financial start, while you continue to channel your energy into healing.

 Ohio Man Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Tax Crimes

This Buckeye was more interested in the sale of counterfeit goods, illegal purchases using EBT foot stamp cards, and filing false income tax returns than in running his two legitimate West Carrollton, Ohio, businesses.

Steven Seagal Owes Big Tax Bill

Another celebrity can’t seem to keep up with his tax bill. The State of California has Steven Seagal under siege for not paying his state income taxes for 2010. There’s already a big tax lien on Seagal’s Los Angeles property!

A Tasty Recipe for the Big Game

We couldn’t resist including Kelly’s crock pot chili recipe! With these easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be spending time with your family and friends instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

The Wearable Robot?

This is an amazing story about Ekso Bionics’ wearable robot – an exoskeleton that enables paralyzed vets and others to walk again. This is truly science fiction turned reality. Best yet, it could be coming to your neighborhood sooner than you might think.

Year in Prison for Tax Scheme

A former insurance salesman is in prison for selling expensive “tax free” shares in vacation property located in Mexico’s Puerto Peñasco, a popular tourist destination for Arizonans. Unfortunately for his swindled victims, the retirement investment scheme was not so tax free after all.
Dangers of Energy Drinks.
Seems that everyone is touting the benefits of energy drinks on the internet, TV, radio, and magazines these days. But there are serious concerns with their safety, a matter of particular worry to parents of teens who like the boost from Monster drinks and energy shots. The FDA is currently investigating these energy drinks after five deaths were associated with their consumption.
Take five and enjoy PLC’s first issue of 2013 (along with some of Kelly’s crock pot chili).