Time to take a break from your busy schedule, grab your favorite soda, and relax with what’s news in our Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter, May 2012!

Beware of “Debt Settlement” Companies

We’ve warned you before about giving your hard-earned money to those questionable debt settlement companies. These are the ones that target debt-burdened consumers and make empty promises to settle with all creditors for mere “pennies on the dollar.” In this article, we give you the tools you need to spot the less-than-ethical debt settlement company before they get their hands on your money.

Ponzi Schemes: Don’t Fall Prey

Did you know that R. Allen Stanford of Texas was recently convicted of operating a $7 billion Ponzi scheme that reached over 100 countries and defrauded some 30,000 investors? The Ponzi scheme is named for Mr. Charles Ponzi, a 1920s confidence man who defrauded his investors out of millions of dollars. As the Stanford case illustrates, cons are still using Ponzi schemes to defraud honest hard-working people out of their savings. So you don’t become the next victim, in this article we list what to look for when you’re offered a new investment opportunity.

Community Leaders: Scott David Stewart, AZ Divorce and Child Custody Attorney

With our community leaders segment in the Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter, May 2012, we’re very pleased to introduce a divorce and family law attorney. This Arizona native is a divorce and child custody attorney right here in the Valley of the Sun. Our Law Offices with office locations in Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale and Peoria – also offers Free Arizona legal divorce seminars. Read this article about the Arizona family law attorney firm’s mission to provide excellent client-focused representation.

Cosmetics Laced with Mercury?

If you knew that your “anti-aging” lotion had mercury in it, would you still apply it to your face? Would you let your grandchild kiss you on the cheek? This article is a consumer alert! According to the FDA, certain cosmetic products sold in the U.S. have trace amounts of mercury, a very dangerous poison. Learn how to identify these toxic cosmetics and dispose of them in an environmentally safe way.

Deep Fed Tax Debt for American Idol Champ

We brought you yet another celebrity back tax article, this time it’s Ruben Studdard who’s in the red with the IRS.

Paperless Proof of Insurance on Your Smartphone

Arizona is about to go paperless with proofs of insurance. If you’re stopped by the highway patrol, just find your iPhone or Android mobile device and show an image of your insurance card – you’ll be good to go!
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