The Desert Spring has arrived in the Valley of the Sun and so has the newest Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter, April 2012. This is what you’ll find in the Zolman Law’s winning April edition.

Could Chapter 7 Be Better Than Chapter 13 for Your Situation?

There are many considerations that go into Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter - April 2012filing for federal bankruptcy. Once the decision is made, you must settle on which chapter relief to file under given your unique circumstances. And not every chapter is available to those who have filed bankruptcy before. Get some practical advice and find out whether a Chapter 7 Liquidation or a Chapter 13 Wage Earner Reorganization is the best option for your situation.

Hip-Hop Artist Nas Owes $339,000 in Taxes

We’re talking about Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones – “Nas” to his fans. He owes the IRS a big chunk of money. Find out how Nas’ tax troubles compare to Bow Wow’s and Lil’ Kim’s!

CT Man Gets Prison for Tax Evasion

Did you know it’s illegal to structure currency transactions so bank withdrawals are below the $10,000 bank reporting level? A Stamford, Connecticut, man found out the hard way after failing to pay 1$ million in income taxes.

What Are the Real Effects of Bankruptcy?

When debt relief through bankruptcy is the only reasonable alternative, debtors want to know exactly what they can expect once their discharge is in hand. Learn the truth about credit reports, FICO scores, credit-worthiness, loan borrowing, and home mortgages after bankruptcy.

Arizonan Sentenced in Tax Refund Scheme

One Tucson man found himself in big trouble with the IRS after filing over $1 million in false income tax returns. Read about his felony crimes in the Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter, April 2012.

Important Consumer Safety Update

Who would have thought that brushing your teeth regularly could lead to flying parts and facial injuries! Don’t miss this important consumer safety warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about branded electric toothbrushes.

Kentucky Man Gets Prison for Income Tax Evasion

This time we have a Kentuckian who decided, after being audited by the IRS, that continuing to file falsified tax returns would get him off the tax bill hook. What was he thinking? Not clearly apparently, as he now owes about $2.1 million in taxes, penalties and interest. And you won’t believe the restitution he’s been ordered to pay!
We’ve got a great issue this month, so set some time aside today to read through the news with your family, friends, and co-workers. Also, we’re celebrating the release of Lawrence ‘D’ Zolman’s new book – Tax Secrets the IRS Doesn’t Want you to Know! Time is running out, so take advantage of our limited time offer through April 30.
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