A popular debt columnist, Mary Hunt, recently wrote an opinion column calling filing for bankruptcy  a “moral failing.” Her own personal story involves pulling herself out of $100,000 in credit card debt without declaring bankruptcy, but now she seems a little quick to judge others.
Many personal finance experts recommend that if you can’t really pull yourself out of debt in two years you should start considering personal bankruptcy. And despite popular perception, the majority of people in financial trouble didn’t get there by running up their credit card bills on shopping sprees they can’t afford. According to a study by the American Journal of Medicine, sixty percent of bankruptcy filers have been sunk into deep debt by medical bills. Another thirty percent flounder due to job loss, car accidents or divorce.
The credit card companies love it when public figures like Hunt make personal bankruptcy seem shameful and try to dissuade people from seeking the legal protection they are entitled to. And while the media loves to point out stories about celebrities and the super-rich declaring bankruptcy after mishandling their finances, the truth is that the average income for a person declaring bankruptcy is around $20,000.
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