The main reason most Arizona individuals and small business owners run into tax problems with the IRS is that they fail to pay their quarterly estimated taxes correctly. But figuring out your estimated payments is nowhere near as hard as doing your annual return in April.
While the IRS provides a worksheet to figure your April tax bill, most taxpayers take the “safe harbor” approach; the IRS considers a taxpayer compliant as long as they pay either 90% of their final tax bill or a certain percentage of their previous year’s bill by January 15th of the next year. Paying either of these amounts protects the taxpayer from underpayment penalties and interest no matter how much higher their tax bill is in the current year compared to the last.  But be careful – the safe harbor percentage varies depending on your gross income, so be sure to check IRS guidelines before figuring your payments.
For those who have seasonal income, there is always the option of paying on the annualized income system, meaning you don’t have to pay the taxes until the quarter in which you earn the money. This option does require extra paperwork and calculations, so be prepared and find out what you need ahead of time by checking the IRS website at .
Whatever method you choose, be sure that you understand your tax obligations, and if you have any questions, check with a qualified tax professional.
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