The Zolman Law has a great issue in this month’s Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter, June 2012, along with an important Valley safety alert that is a must read. Here is a preview of what you will find inside our first issue of the 2012 summer season:

What Possessed Them to Repossess My Car?

Are you wondering what might happen to your vehicle should you miss a payment or two? The lender may choose to repossess it, that’s what could happen! Read up on the best and worst case scenarios when default on a car loan leads to repossession, auction, and deficiency.

Arizona and Michigan Businessmen Try to Fool the IRS

We have a couple articles about two errant businessmen – one in the southwest and one in the midwest – who tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the IRS and failed with painful consequences. The first case involves an Arizona man who attempted to skip out on $1.1 million in federal taxes. The second case involves a Michigan man who filed a false tax return with the IRS. These are two very good tax examples of what NOT to do!

Social Security Checks Go the Way of the Dinosaur

If you are currently receiving Social Security checks or expect to in the near future, then take a few minutes to read up on the swan song of the paper social security check, now only nine months away. The payments will still be made, but they will not be arriving in your mailbox.

Singer Montel Jordan Owes Taxes

Another celebrity in trouble with the IRS. The 1990’s R&B singer Montel Jordan is up to his ears in back taxes.

The Heat Is On – Safety Tip

With the dog days of summer upon us, the Arizona desert can be a very dangerous place for the unwary. Even those who have lived here for years sometimes make momentary decisions that may have deadly consequences. In this article, the Zolman Law joins the Phoenix PD and Safe Kids USA in getting important summer safety information out to the public.

AFLAC Insurance Salesman Has Decade of No Taxes

You would think that someone whose livelihood depends upon reasonable risk assessment – an AFLAC insurance salesman – would reflect more carefully on the risks associated with failing to file income tax returns for a full decade.

Cancer Miracle Drug May Be on the Horizon

Promising news in the battle against cancer, this article covers breakthrough research that could result in a single drug capable of shrinking and curing all tumors in the human body. Read how researchers are preparing for eventual human trials with the cancer-fighting anti-CD47 drug treatment.
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