As summer wanes and the kids gear up for another hectic school year, you may be wondering how best to spend some quiet time this Labor Day weekend, before the household gets crazy busy again. What better way to kick-back and relax than to peruse the Zolman Law’s September 2012 Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter!
Here’s what’s inside the Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter, September 2012…

When Individuals Are Personally Liable for Corporate and LLC Debt

The focus of this month’s lead article is on individual personal liability for business debts. We describe why piercing the corporate veil can result in individual responsibility for corporate obligations. We also discuss some common mistakes that owners make in the ordinary course of operating their enterprises. Mistakes that often lead to their being individually on-the-hook for the corporation’s debts. (“Who is the Chapter 11 debtor-in-possession?” – the answer is on page 3!)

Rapper Beanie Sigel Gets Two Years in Prison

Beanie Sigel

The Pennsylvania rapper was convicted of failing to file tax returns on income earned between 1999 and 2002. His two-year sentence was delayed by a couple weeks to allow him to promote his “This Time” newly released CD.
News Flash: On August 29 (two weeks before his federal prison term begins on September 12), Sigel was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm and illegal drugs following a routine traffic stop just south of Philadelphia.

Be Alert To the Signs of Child Abuse

The first step to helping an abused child is in recognizing the symptoms of potential abuse. Learn how to spot the signs of what may be physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as child neglect. Do you suspect child abuse? Call Arizona’s Child Protective Services Hotline at 1-888-SOS-CHILD.
School Bus Safety – It’s a Two-Way Streetschool bus safety
Your kids, my kids, our neighbors’ kids, they’re all going to be catching the school buses soon. Make sure you read this article on school bus traffic safety do’s and don’ts and protect our children as they travel back and forth from home to class.
Nurse-4-Hire Tried to Evade Taxes
Sometimes even we are surprised by the risks to personal freedom people will take in attempting to avoid taxes and the IRS. Read about nurse Dale Terry Helberg’s guilty plea after already serving time for state tax evasion.

Wells Fargo, Race Discrimination, and Mortgage Lending

Wells Fargo & Co., the mortgage lending giant, recently settled race-related discrimination claims against it for $175 million. Learn the details of Wells Fargo’s settlement agreement and what the Arizona Housing Authority of Maricopa County advises are prohibited mortgage lending practices.

Enjoy our AZ bankruptcy newsletter and have a great Labor Day weekend!