Arizona isn’t the only state with wild stories of banks abusing the foreclosure system.  William Berta of Sarasota, Florida has lived in his modest home for several decades. He owns and operates a local small business, gets a benefits check from the Veteran’s Affairs every month, and continues to pay his water and power bills.
Despite all these clues to his whereabouts, Berta’s home mortgage lender, Wells Fargo Bank, easily convinced a judge that Berta had abandoned his home and that Wells Fargo was unable to locate him to serve legal papers.
The judge took the bank’s word for it, allowing Wells Fargo to foreclose on the home and prepare to sell it at auction. No one seemed to think it was strange when the process server showed up at the address and was able to easily notify Berta – in person – that he was legally missing and had abandoned his home.
Of course, Berta knew that he was behind on his mortgage payments, but believed he was in negotiations with Wells Fargo to lower his mortgage payments through a federal mortgage-counseling agency.
Wells Fargo now says that Berta will be allowed to stay in his home as long as he qualifies for one of the bank’s loan mitigation programs.
If you’re having trouble making your mortgage payments, filing chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy is an option that could keep you out of foreclosure and help you stay in your home.
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