While it may sound a little alarming, some Arizona residents may soon find an unpaid parking ticket or overdue library book ruining their credit scores. Most of us are used to the idea that on overdue credit card bill or neglected student loan can ding our credit scores, but a growing number of agencies across the US – like libraries and police departments – are turning unpaid fines over to collection agencies, which in turn report the debt to the credit bureaus.
Consumer advocates are concerned about this new use of reporting non-credit collections accounts to credit bureaus, because a credit score is supposed to indicate how well a person manages his or her credit – not how quickly he or she returns the latest Grisham novel.
Lenders should be concerned too, as they might find themselves turning away credit-worthy borrowers over unpaid parking tickets or disputed health club membership fees.  Those who are already on thin ice with their credit score have the most to lose; one more black mark might mean the difference between getting credit, a job or an apartment.
It will ultimately be up to lenders and credit reporting agencies to determine if these types of collections accounts should be classified differently than credit accounts. In the meantime, make a mental note to pay those pesky fines on time.
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