Insurance companies claim that the average person reports an accident every 18 years. This means that your chances of having an auto accident at some point in your life are relatively high. While these accidents are not always likely to be fatal, they are very likely to result in some type of property damage, in which case you may need an attorney to properly file an insurance claim. It is always better to have an attorney on hand in case you ever have a need for one because you will likely need to call from the scene of the crime.
Make a Super-List of Auto Accident Attorneys
This list will be long and is only to be considered as a starting part. You may want to list every auto accident attorney in your area. You can find attorneys several ways. The easiest option may be to do a simple web search. Be sure to specify your location and that you are specifically seeking an auto accident attorney. You can also check with the bar association. There is a website run by the bar association that will list qualified attorneys in your area. Another option is to ask friends and family who they have used or what names they have heard in the past. Remember, this is a general list, so it will be long and should not require any in-depth research.
Narrow Your List to Only the Best
Next, you will need to narrow your list down to make it more manageable. You should probably try to cut it down to 3-5 attorneys. Each attorney should have a credible website. There you should be able to get a better idea of each attorney and their work ethics. There are many things you should consider, including price, reviews, success rates, personal statements, and legal delivery time. Sometimes, a bigger firm is better than a smaller firm because they may be able to back you with more financial support in the event of a large or serious accident case. The attorney’s availability is also important. Remember, auto accidents can happen any time of the day or night. Compare each attorney carefully, and narrow your list to fit your personal needs.
Visit Your Remaining Options Personally
Now that your list is smaller and more easily managed, you can visit each attorney in person. Usually, you will benefit from calling ahead to schedule an appointment, as attorneys are generally very busy. During the interview, confirm the attorney’s rates and availability with what you found while you were researching. You will want to pay attention and get a feel for how the attorney interacts with you. In the event of an accident, you will need to interact with your lawyer often, so it is important that you are both comfortable and friendly with each other. Personable lawyers generally make a better impression in court as well. Take notes on each attorney you visit and collect a personal business card from them so that you can compare your lists later and finally choose an auto accident attorney.
What to Do When You Choose
Once you have chosen the Houston auto accident injury Attorney that is best for you, you will want to write down the information you have collected from them. You may benefit from storing this information and their personal business card in your vehicle. You should also save their phone number and information in your mobile phone. If you have an attorney in mind in the case of an auto accident, you will be much more prepared, increasing your chances of getting the legal settlements you will need.