When you have a tax debt or other problem with the IRS, you need the help of an experienced tax relief attorney to make sure you are treated fairly and get the best settlement possible. A quick Google search or look through the white pages will turn up hundreds of attorneys claiming to be the answer to your tax relief prayers; how do you pick the right lawyer to help you through this difficult time
Step 1. Assess the attorney’s qualifications
Any time you hire a professional to do something for you, you should check into their qualifications. Having a great marketing website or a convincing TV ad does NOT qualify an attorney to give you the best possible debt relief representation. The first step is to check with the local bar in your state to make sure the lawyer is qualified to represent you. You should then check into the lawyer’s background, experience and education, looking in particular for special training in tax law issues.
Step 2. Assess the lawyer’s tax relief experience
Now it’s time to ask some probing questions. Has the lawyer you are considering actually dealt with the IRS in the past? Does the attorney have specific experience such as being a tax consultant for the IRS or working as a CPA or in the field of accounting? Does the lawyer have a solid track record of helping people in your situation fight the IRS and win?
Step 3. Assess how much IRS tax relief will cost
Attorneys charge for their services in different ways and at different rates. Once you have narrowed down your choices, ask each attorney to explain how they charge for their services. Keep in mind that the lowest cost attorney is not always your best option – they may have lower prices because they are less experienced or less confident in their services.
Step 4. Assess realistic outcomes for your situation
While all tax relief attorneys will advertise that they can stop garnishments, erase tax debt or prevent liens, each case is different and your outcome will be based on your specific situation. Ask the lawyer exactly what they will be doing to solve your tax problems, and go with the attorney who seems the most honest and realistic.
At the Zolman Law, we understand that tax problems with the IRS can be very overwhelming.  Whether you owe back taxes, haven’t filed taxes for several years, or have received an audit or wage garnishment notice from the IRS, the attorneys at the Zolman Law can help you or your business with these and any other federal and state tax problems.
We are a dedicated debt relief law firm. We help people work through tough tax problems or file for bankruptcy every day. We can help stop the debt cycle and give you relief from your overwhelming, burdensome, and crushing tax problems. Please don’t wait another moment. Call us right away our attorneys will help get you the fresh start you deserve.