The CARD Act, which became law last year, was designed to protect the average consumer by limiting the fees and interest rates card issuers could charge while improving term disclosure. The final phase of the CARD act goes into effect this August, but credit card issuers are already geared up to get around the provisions and continue charging increasing credit card fees and high interest to consumers.
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Cutting your credit limit or closing your account
Banks may not be able to hike your interest rate without warning or charge outrageous fees anymore. But if they suspect you’ve become a bad credit risk, there’s nothing to stop them from cutting your credit limit or closing your account altogether. And they don’t have to give you any warning.
That can be devastating to folks who only have one credit card and need it for a flexible line of credit. It can also look very bad on your credit report.
With banks aggressively reviewing consumer accounts, the best thing you can do is use your credit responsibly; charge something on each of your cards on a regular basis and pay off the balance in full each month.  And be sure not to flirt with your credit limit, because once you do start paying your balance down, the card issuer might cut your credit line back along with it so you don’t get stretched too thin again.
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