As the economy gets tighter, an increasing number of employers are using credit checks to screen potential employees. “Not fair!” says consumer advocacy group Unite Here – and we here at The Zolman Law, have to agree.
So far, Unite Here has been successful in getting three states to pass laws that limit an employers’ use of credit reports in hiring decisions – Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. Illinois has already passed legislation that just needs to be approved by the governor. These laws make it illegal for employers to check applicants’ credit history unless it is proven relevant to the person’s job duties (like handling money or working with other people’s financial information).
Bills have also been introduced in 20 other states and the District of Columbia, along with Federal legislation that is pending in congress. Arizona, sadly is not one of these states. If you feel strongly about this issue, please contact your Arizona state representative and ask him or her to introduce legislation barring employers from using credit checks to screen applicants.
As more and more honest, hard working Americans fall on hard times and are forced to seek legal protection from creditors, it is heartening to see that many states and the federal government are working to remove the stigma that is unfortunately attached to people who are simply exercising their legal and ethical right to a fresh start.
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