hiring-250x333In preparation for the already increasing interest in early holiday shopping , many retailers are hiring more seasonal staff. In efforts to outpace profits from the 2013 holiday season, stores are hoping that more staff will equal better service and bring the bigger bucks in this last quarter of the year.

Staffing The Store

Last year, some 786,200 jobs were added to stores during the final three months of the year. This year, it is expected for that number to be over 800,000, the highest number since the booming retails days of the early 2000s. Package delivery services, like United Parcel Service, have said they plan to add 95,000 seasonal workers this year, almost twice that of last year.
Holiday hiring has been steadily increasing each year since the depression, which suffered a 55% decrease in seasonal employees. A tough blow to the already suffering economy  made 2008 one of the worst retail years in recent history.  However, this new surge of holiday hiring is promising for the economy, as jobless claims have already begun to decline as we enter the fourth fiscal quarter of 2014.

For Consumers

Seasonal jobs are an excellent way to put extra cash in your wallet for your own holiday shopping. Rather than using credit cards or savings, earning some money through a part-time job can put you ahead of the money management game. Even if you don’t plan to spend your extra cash on gifts, any money you earn through holiday employment can help you boost your savings account or pay down your debts quickly.