One of the biggest reasons many self-employed Arizonans or Arizona small business owners run into IRS Tax problems is that they fail to keep up with their quarterly tax payments. The IRS set up the quarterly tax payment system so that small businesses would pay their taxes on a more regular basis throughout the year and not get surprised by a huge April tax bill. But it’s still up to the individual business owner to make sure the quarterly tax payment is enough to cover their tax payment, and that it gets sent in to the IRS on time.
The form used to file quarterly taxes is the 1040-ES, and as you may have guessed, it needs to get filed, along with your quarterly estimated tax payment, four times a year. The payment due dates are as follows:

April 15th – for income received January 1st – March 31st
June 15th – for income received April 1st – May 31st
September 15th – for income received June 1st – August 31st
January 15th – for income received September 1st – December 31st

The IRS offers several different methods for figuring your quarterly tax payments. Be sure to visit the IRS website at or consult with a qualified tax professional to be sure you are keeping up with your tax obligations.
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