The staff at USA Today recently dug into the federal tax lien files in several of the country’s wealthiest zip codes – including Beverly Hills and Malibu, California and Greenwich, Connecticut. What they found were hundreds of the nations’ wealthiest people living in multi-million dollar homes yet suffering from tax problems with the IRS.  So how do the richest people in America get in trouble with the IRS?
Some start having financial problems due to business missteps, excessive gambling or in the wake of divorce. Some just hate paying taxes. For most, once their income takes a hit, they are reluctant to cut back on their lifestyle and funnel money toward what they see as more pressing concerns than paying taxes.
Many of the worst offenders blame the government, saying that once they fall behind, excessive penalties and interest make it impossible to dig their way out of the hole. One man reported that a $20,000 tax problem from the early 1990’s has now become a $300,000 tax bill. That same man openly told reporters that most of his money is “out of the country, where (tax collectors) can’t touch it. I can retire abroad and California can put me on any (tax delinquent) list they want.”
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If you do run into tax problems with the IRS, it can be overwhelming.  Whether you owe back taxes, haven’t filed taxes for several years, or have received an auditor wage garnishment notice from the IRS, the attorneys at The Zolman Law can help you or your business with these and any other federal and state tax problems.
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