It’s not how many times you’re knocked down. It’s how many times to get back up.
Bankruptcy is all about getting back up. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is the kind of new beginning that Americans from all walks of life are legally entitled to.
Years ago, Walt Disney filed for bankruptcy.
More recently, Drake Bell, Toni Braxton, Octomom, Abby Lee Miller, and Sinbad have protected themselves.
But what about you? Should you file for bankruptcy? How do you know if it’s the best move to make?
Let me share a secret. You don’t need to have massive piles of debt for bankruptcy to make sense, and you don’t need to surrender your financial future.
There is no “minimum amount of debt” you need to qualify for bankruptcy protection. There are no requirements and no limits.
Sometimes, bankruptcy is the best solution for people with as little as $10,000 in debt. It all depends. Every situation is different, but the common denominator is financial trouble.

Thinking About Bankruptcy?
Here’s The First Question You Need To Answer

Am I in financial trouble with no clear way out?
Let’s define financial trouble. Let’s make sure that bankruptcy is the right move for you make.
We all run into stretches when there’s not quite enough money. It’s when these stretches become consistent, when month after month you’re sinking deeper and there’s no solution in sight, that you’re probably in financial trouble.
It could be a huge medical bill, or maybe you’ve lost your job. Whatever the case, there’s just not enough money, and there’s nothing to indicate you’ll soon have enough money coming in to pay off your debts.
Please spend a moment with the following checklist…

  • Your home is in pre-foreclosure.
  • You are “upside down” and your home is worth at least 30% less than what you owe on it, and your mortgage lender is unwilling to negotiate new terms.
  • Your credit cards all maxed out.
  • You always pay bills late.
  • You have stopped making some payments.
  • You are behind on your mortgage.
  • You are getting phone calls from creditors.
  • You are paying double-digit interest rates.
  • You are using one credit card to make a minimum payment on another credit card.
  • You always make nothing but minimum payments.
  • Your car is at risk of being repossessed.
  • You have taken out a payday loan or title loan on your car.
  • You dread going to your mailbox.
  • It’s harder than ever to get a good night’s sleep.

This checklist describes many of the situations hard-working Americans find themselves in. People who play by the rules, good people who have no interest in “beating the system” or “getting something for nothing.”
These are the sad financial realities for people who have been hit with a crippling medical bill, have watched the value of their home melt away, or their job disappear.
For too many Americans, the past few years have not been easy ones. If you have answered, “yes” to three or more of the situations described on this checklist, it makes sense for you to come see us. It might be that bankruptcy is your best choice.
But to make the right choice, to help you get back on track and steer your life forward, we’ll need to know the specifics of your situation.
Important decisions like this should be made with complete information. Please come see us so we can help you do what’s best.
To schedule your free, no-obligation meeting, please give us a call at 480-478-1577 or you can schedule one online.