Immigration and its Social Affectation in Latin American Countries

It should be noted that immigration has taken a big increase in recent years when a few decades ago most of the flow was from European countries, now it can be said that a high percentage comes from Latin America. Now, there are multiple factors that have caused this, most have been due to lack of employment that brings poverty as a result, this being the main reason as well as the salaries indexes that are low being this way more difficult to bring the sustenance to the homes especially where there are numerous and minors. People work hard for a very low income. It also happens that in these countries there are gangs or criminal groups where young people mostly see it a solution to earn “easy” money without often taking into consideration the consequences, and all for “living better”, at a cost for their job and an unnecessary risk. Now it is not always so, but sometimes the need also pushes them or they are threatened if they do not lend themselves to criminal acts. Security and violence are other factors that drive people out of their country with the sole purpose of surviving and raising their families, or often only a member of the family goes out exposing themselves in the border as well as the difficulties they are presented. This is the beginning of immigration, the desperation to cross borders at all costs and reach a more economically abundant country. To then be here looking for employment to support their families in their country of origin, not seeing them anymore or those who arrive together to then live in the shade with fear but seeking their well-being and looking for opportunities. So numerous people have arrived in this country, some of them legally through a visa but they have over-stayed their allowed term and now they are without status. Many of these people without knowing that there are solutions to their cases, that for many there are options that they do not know in order to achieve their residency, mainly because of the fear of approaching an immigration lawyer.Social Affectation

To the present this topic causes a lot of fear due to so many news that we see in the media and social networks. The possibility of losing the migratory status or of retrogressing in the acquired rights is now a present concern among the communities of foreigners in the United States. Moved by this fear, many of those who have visas are applying for permanent residence (known as green card) and those who can are asking for citizenship. There is so much weight in the Hispanic community that they have frightened those people that at some point considered to take action in their immigration process to come to a complete stop and not explore their options. It should be noted that there is also fear in the people who are here legally and have a foreign relative, since the separation is a very difficult situation and imagining that their situation and quality of life can change at any time. The issues of immigration, legal status, un-documentation, deportation among others are causing great impact in the Hispanic community.

Discard the fear and insecurity to improve the quality and most of all the tranquility in each home is a vision that I consider necessary without leaving aside the great opportunities that would bring with it. Uniting families that have been separated and changing the perception to help them act to achieve the famous American dream.