iphone-250x375While Apple products have certainly not suffered a lack of demand their stock value did take a huge hit a few weeks ago after a massive data hack of the Cloud. After major leak of files and pictures was revealed many people started selling their stake in the company. With just a mere week away from their most recent new product launch, some theorized Apple’s brighter days could have been compromised by the hack.

The Launch

On September 9, Apple unveiled new products that are sure to gain the fanfare of technology geeks and product collectors alike. The new iPhone 6 is equipped with a larger screen option. Consumers can choose from a 4.7 inch or 5.5 inch screen, both featuring a retina HD display and faster processor than their predecessor. Along with the faster, bigger iPhone comes a new mobile payment technology, Apple Pay, which is said to include companies like Mastercard, Visa, Target and Whole Foods.
Perhaps the most anticipated product was the introduction of the Apple Watch. Three versions of the smartwatch are designed to interact with the  iPhone, streamlining the way consumers navigate through the media usage each day. From social media notifications and email to fitness technology like a heart rate monitor, the Apple Watch is hoped to spark increased interest among Apple consumers in time for the holiday season.