According to the IRS, approximately 20% of individual income taxes go unpaid every year. That adds up to about $300 billion a year, and results in nearly 600,000 tax liens. The states, including Arizona, miss out on a combined $60 billion in state taxes that go unpaid.
But who are these people who don’t pay their taxes? And what happens to them? The IRS does not release personal information on tax debtors, but says they are doing all they can to track down those who owe money and make them pay.
But with a shrinking staff the IRS is forced to rely mostly on automated tactics such as garnishing wages, seizing money from bank accounts and filing tax liens against valuable property. These first-line attempts usually bring in about 10% of the money owed in a given year.
Tax prosecutions are actually quite rare. Out of 235 million tax returns, the IRS gets fewer than 1,500 federal indictments each year. And a 1998 law designed to curb IRS abuses has made property seizures almost a thing of the past.
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