According to IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman, thousands of US citizens – including Arizona residents – who have been hiding funds in offshore accounts in order to avoid paying taxes will be found out and required to pay their fair share. The news came out after the IRS reached a deal with the government of Switzerland recently; the IRS will soon have access to nearly 5,000 Swiss accounts held by American citizens.
Shulman said that a conservative estimate of Swiss accounts at one bank alone hold untaxed American assets of up to $18 billion.
Shulman stated further that the IRS expects to eventually gain access to even more accounts through a new “voluntary disclosure program.” US citizens who have been evading taxes by using Swiss or other offshore accounts can report their taxable income to the IRS before they are found out by the investigation, and avoid prosecution.
This new initiative by the IRS to go after offshore account holders may signal the end of an era for tax evaders, who can no longer stash money in Swiss, Cayman Island or other foreign bank accounts without any worry that they will be found out and required to pay taxes on the money.
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