More employment opportunities may be coming soon to the Valley of the Sun if a recent report from CareerBuilder is right on the money.
What is CareerBuilder?
Launched in 1995 with headquarters in Chicago, CareerBuilder is now the largest job search engine in theU.S. and operates parallel websites in many other countries. Owned by the Tribune Co., Gannett Co., and McClatchy Co. (Knight Ridder), CareerBuilder receives as many as 23 million visitors each and every month. So if you are a job-seeker or a new company looking for key talent, CareerBuilder may be the lynchpin to a long term employment connection. (Other employment websites include,, and, so give them a look, too.)
CareerBuilder reports that expected job growth areas will involve increased demand for computer specialists, marketing managers, network and computer systems administrators, medical and health service managers, and industrial engineers. But the news gets even better – many big employers are gearing up to hire lots of workers.
10 Companies Preparing for Mass Hirings
According to the May 30 article CareerBuilder: 10 Companies Looking to Hire a Lot of People in the Phoenix Business Journal, these companies are preparing to hire new employees in substantial numbers:
AIG – 1,000U.S. positions (including accounting, claims, info tech, operations, sales, and underwriting).
AT&T – 1,000 positions (including retail, info tech, and enterprise sales).
Bob Evans Restaurant – 300 full time positions and 700+ hourly positions (including food servers, food handlers and cooks, hosts, info tech, finance, and managers).
Bon-Ton – 1,000 positions (including retail sales, cosmetics, buyers, merchandisers).
Community Health Systems – 4,000 positions (including nurses, therapy, clinical, info tech, hospital administrators and executives).
Coinstar, Inc. – 900 positions (including field service, tech, and corporate jobs).
First Transit – 10,000 positions (bus drivers and technicians).
Liberty Mutual – 800 positions (including claims, customer service, info tech, sales, and underwriting).
ResCare – 2,200 positions (direct care and home health aides).
Wells Fargo – 4,500 positions (customer service, underwriters, tellers, fraud detection, personal bankers).
Recent Unemployment Figures Down in Many Arizona Counties
Arizona’s unemployment numbers fell ever so slightly in the last couple of months, also very good news. The journal article stated thatArizona’s March 2012 unemployment rate was at 8.6%; the rate of unemployment in April was lower still at 8.2%. Both of those percentages are reason for optimism when compared to April 2011’s unemployment rate of 9.6%.
The Arizona Department of Administration, Office of Employment and Population Statistics, compiles county and metro area employment and unemployment statistics – there is some positive news there as well. Updated in May, here are the 2012 monthly seasonally adjusted unemployment rates for selectArizona counties and the metropolitan areas therein:
— January 9.2%
— February 9.0%
— March 8.7%
— April 7.3%
Flagstaff Metro Area
            — January 8.6%
            — February 8.3%
            — March 8.1%
            — April 7.9%
— January 7.8%
— February 7.7%
— March 7.4%
— April 6.5%
Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale Metro Area
            — January 7.7%
            — February 7.7%
            — March 7.6%
            — April 7.4%
— January 7.9%
— February 7.8%
— March 7.6%
— April 6.6%
●  Tucson Metro Area
            — January 7.7%
            — February 7.7%
            — March 7.7%
            — April 7.5%
— January 9.7%
— February 9.4%
— March 8.9%
— April 7.9%
Prescott Metro Area
            — January 9.1%
            — February 9.0%
            — March 8.9%
            — April 8.6%
— January 24.5%
— February 23.6%
— March 23.9%
— April 26.0%
Yuma Metro Area
            — January 28.6%
            — February 28.6%
            — March 28.8%
            — April 28.1%
YumaCountyis still struggling with the highest unemployment rate in the state. To see how our remaining Arizona counties and respective metropolitan areas are fairing, you can read the current employment reports and those for prior years by visiting the Arizona Office of Employment and Population Statistics official government website.