Leading Phoenix, Arizona, bankruptcy attorney, Joseph C. McDaniel, has passed away.
PHOENIX,Ariz.,September 29, 2011– We are saddened to announce the passing of fellow bankruptcy attorney Joseph C. McDaniel. A graduate of Arizona State University, and a member of the State Bar of Arizona since 1980, McDaniel leaves behind a great legacy of legal work for bankruptcy attorneys everywhere, particularly for his fellow members of the Arizona bar.
One of only 30 lawyers so honored, Mr. McDaniel had been a board certified specialist in bankruptcy since 1987, and he had a respectful following. He thrived on helping his fellow attorneys, especially young lawyers, establish themselves in practice and improve the profession that he held so dear. “I’m just a Phoenix, Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney passing along what I found…” Humble, wise, encouraging, and experienced, McDaniel had over 30 years in bankruptcy law to share, and share he did. He was a prolific bankruptcy blawger, and you can read his last post from September 25.
During lunch, you could find Mr. McDaniel at his favorite table at Baby Kay’s Cajun Restaurant in Phoenix, where he was always available to talk about the day’s concerns. For bankruptcy lawyers, even if you did not know McDaniel personally, you certainly knew of him. He was someone to emulate. A truly great lawyer whose door was always open to mentor fellow attorneys needing direction in the complex world of bankruptcy, and to provide sage advice about life in general.
Known for his outstanding ethical standards, Mr. McDaniel’s clients will receive expert care from his assigned substitute attorneys. Seldom does one person contribute so much to his profession, and make such a difference in the lives of so many people. He will be greatly missed by his friends, his peers, and the clients he has helped over the years.