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Are uncontrolled debts stealing time away from the activities you once enjoyed with your family? Have you taken your spouse to a performance at ASU’s Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium recently? When was the last time you visited the Tempe Historical Museum or took a stroll through the Mill Avenue District? Is your life on hold indefinitely because of escalating financial problems? Have you considered filing for bankruptcy but don’t know who to trust or where to turn for legal advice?

Tempe Bankruptcy Attorneys On Your Side

When you come to the Zolman Law with your debt problems, we will explain how our Tempe bankruptcy lawyers can help you and your family protect your assets and overcome your debt. Imagine how pleasant life will be without mounting expenses, unpaid bills, unreasonable interest rates, and excessive penalties on late payments. We will protect your rights and put an end to relentless harassment by creditors and collection agencies.

Have you or your spouse lost a job or experienced a wage reduction? Do you have burdensome medical expenses and ongoing health problems? Are you being threatened with foreclosure? Is your lender about to repossess your vehicle? We represent Tempe residents each and every day. Helping people who face an insurmountable debt-load rooted in medical expenses, back tax liabilities, wage garnishments, credit card debts, landlord evictions, home foreclosures, civil money judgments, vehicular repossessions, delinquent student loans, and much more.

What Property Can I Keep in Arizona?

If you are filing for Chapter 7 in Arizona, you can keep all property, which the law says is “exempt” from creditor claims. When you attempt to determine whether property is exempt, you must consider a few things. The value of the property is not the price at which you purchased it, but what it’s worth now. For example, if you purchased your car five years ago, you need to look at its Kelley Blue Book value to truly understand what it’s worth today. Similarly, with a home, you would only look at what your equity in the home is if you sell it, as opposed to the total value of the home. In a Chapter 13 case, you can keep all your property if your plan meets the requirements of the law.

Will All My Debt Be Wiped Out?

If you are filing Chapter 7, this is true, with a few exceptions. You may not be able to discharge:

  • Student loans owed to a school or government body unless the court decides that the payment would be an undue hardship.
  • Money that you owe in alimony, child support, fines and some taxes.
  • Debts that you failed to list on your bankruptcy petition.
  • Loans that you obtained by providing inaccurate or false information to a creditor.

What Is Life Like After a Bankruptcy?

Yes, there is life after bankruptcy, contrary to what many people think. In fact, bankruptcy gives you the time and space to reorganize your finances and get that all-important fresh start. After your debts are discharged and your bankruptcy proceeding is complete, you can still use a debit card for your expenses. The law prohibits government agencies and private employers from discriminating against you because you filed for bankruptcy. Those who file bankruptcy also find that their credit score improves within a year compared to someone who might not have done that and continues to be saddled with overwhelming debt.

How Our Tempe Tax Attorneys Can Help

The Zolman Law, PLLC, is also your tax relief law firm, providing comprehensive tax relief representation by Tempe tax attorney Lawrence ‘D’ Zolman. Our accomplished Tempe tax lawyers devise the best approach to minimizing any past due taxes, while protecting your assets from IRS seizure and auction.

Once you take care of your tax issues, you’ll be able to enjoy much needed stress-free time with your family. Our Tempe tax attorneys will prepare and file your tax returns and, should you owe back taxes, negotiate a reasonable settlement agreement with the IRS that can really help you get ahead. If you are under investigation or have been notified of an audit, your Tempe tax lawyer will be there for you, advocating your interests and protecting your taxpayer rights from IRS overreaching.

Why Hiring the Best Tempe Tax Lawyers Makes a Difference

From the moment of your first call to the completion of your case, our team of professionals will always respond to your inquiries and concerns in a respectful way. Whatever circumstances brought the financial troubles you are now suffering with, at the Zolman Law, there is no shame or blame. If you’re in Tempe or a nearby city we are happy to help. We will resolve all of your debt issues, through bankruptcy or through tax advocacy, so you can regain some much-needed peace of mind.

  • We offer you a FREE VIP Bankruptcy or Tax Relief Consultation with an experienced Arizona attorney.
  • We provide personalized tax and bankruptcy representation when you need it.
  • We offer reasonable rates with manageable payment plans as part of our pre-bankruptcy planning service and tax relief service.
  • We custom-tailor our services to your needs and circumstances.

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