Divorce can be Overwhelming – A Basic Understanding of the Divorce Process

Divorce Process in ArizonaContemplating and filing for divorce can be overwhelming and stressful. It can be difficult to even envision filing for divorce, let alone beginning the divorce process. A good family law attorney can assist you and guide you through the divorce process. Not having the worry of navigating through the legal process alone is a good reason to hire an experienced divorce attorney. The following is a simplified guide as to the phases of an Arizona divorce case:

Filing Divorce Papers in Arizona

A divorce case in Arizona is started by one party filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, along with other required documents related to the divorce process.

Serving Divorce Papers in Arizona

Once the filing of the initial Petition for Dissolution of Marriage has been filed it is necessary to serve the documents on the other party. This can be done in a variety of ways ranging from having a registered process server serve the paperwork, having a sheriff’s deputy serve the paperwork or having your spouse sign a Waiver of Service. Once service is complete, the responding party has twenty (20) days to file an Answer to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

Discovery in an Arizona Divorce Case

After a Petition has been filed a served, the discovery phase of the case begins. Both parties must gather evidence such as proof of income, bank account statements, tax returns, and determine the value of assets and debts and documents. If children are involved, the discovery process will include gathering and disclosing evidence regarding the best interests of the children as to legal decision-making and parenting time. The discovery process is a complex and time-consuming part of the divorce process. Complying with the discovery process is extremely important to your case. Failure to comply with the discovery phase of your case can resolute in sanctions imposed by the Court. An experienced divorce attorney can guide you and assist you through this legal process.

Settling an Arizona Divorce Case

Some divorce cases can be settled. Reaching a fair settlement can be critical to your case and achieved with good legal advice by a divorce lawyer. The settlement process may include formal written settlement proposals, mediation, informal settlement conferences and Alternative Dispute Resolution Conferences.

Family Law Trial in Arizona

If in the event settlement fails, the judge will ultimately resolve the disputes that the parties cannot agree on themselves. A Trial date will be set, and your assigned judge will hear all evidence and testimony presented. The judge will later issue a ruling, which includes an order dissolving the marriage, dividing property and debts, providing for the support of either party, and making rulings regarding children such as legal decision-making, parenting time and child support issues.

Hire the Best Family Law Attorney in Arizona

Although divorce is stressful, hurtful and overwhelming, you will survive and move on with life. As Arizona divorce attorneys, Zolman Law can assist you through this process with their experienced family law attorneys. You have many options when choosing a family law attorney in Mesa, why not choose from the best family law attorneys in Arizona? Contact Zolman Law today.