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Did you win the lottery or big money at the casino? Did you receive a judgment in your favor after filing a lawsuit against someone who had wronged you? Did you sell off business assets? Do you owe sales taxes on goods sold? Did you profit from an overseas business venture or have other business tax issues? Did your assets, income and taxes paid get out of balance when you were in the process of divorce, foreclosure or business dissolution? Regardless of the specifics of why you are seeking legal assistance regarding unpaid taxes, we will help you deal with the IRS.

Settle IRS Debts

If you are facing tax problems with the IRS, it may feel like your situation is hopeless. The IRS is an intimidating organization that can take severe steps, such as wage garnishment, to try and collect what they claim you owe them. At the Zolman Law Group, our legal team knows how to handle the IRS. In fact, we can stop the IRS. If you are behind on taxes or if the IRS claims that you owe taxes you do not agree with, you have come to the right place. There is no need to feel shame or guilt. We can take steps to immediately “pause” the sense of urgency and panic that you may feel when contacted by the IRS. We can help you when the IRS has garnished your wages, levied your bank account or threatened to take these extreme tax collection measures. Once the immediate emergency is under control, our Mesa tax attorney will help you figure out how to come clean with the IRS, minimize your taxes owed and develop a plan for how to pay the IRS back. We can help you put your back taxes nightmare behind you and take the steps you need in order to do the right thing and move forward.

Developing a Settlement Plan That is Right For You

When you come to Zolman Law, our legal team will meet personally with you to develop a customized plan to help you resolve your tax problems. The IRS has the authority to take aggressive collections efforts when you owe taxes, including wage garnishment, property liens, seizure of assets and bank account levies. We can stop IRS levies and other collection actions by creating a sound IRS debt settlement plan.

There are two common ways to settle IRS debts. One is an offer in compromise, where you and the IRS will come to an agreement about the best way to settle your debt. Another option is an IRS payment plan, which will allow you to arrange a manageable payment plan over a certain period
of time.

Depending on the unique circumstances of your situation, it may be possible to settle your tax debts for significantly less than the full amount that you owe. While it may be tempting to deal with the IRS on your own, having our experienced Phoenix tax resolution lawyer in your corner can save you a significant amount of expense and stress in the long run. Do not ignore the IRS and hope that they go away. We are ready to help you confront your problems head-on.

We Will Work to Stop IRS

Levies A tax levy can involve many different types of actions. The IRS may enact a wage levy, effectively garnishing a significant portion of your paycheck. They may also place a levy on your home, motor vehicles, stocks and other valuable assets. A levy is a serious action and it needs to be taken seriously. After meeting with our Arizona bankruptcy attorney, you will be confident that you have a strong advocate on your side.

Arizona Tax Relief Lawyer

When you miss the deadline for paying taxes you owe to the government, officials will begin to take a number of steps that are designed to penalize you for failing to pay your taxes. They will also take the necessary measures to collect the money you owe.

It is helpful to understand how the government goes about this process. First, you’ll get a tax bill, which shows exactly how much money you owe to the IRS. This bill might also include interest charges and penalties for late payment. These penalties will continue to add up until you have paid your tax bill in full. The charges and penalties, of course, add up very quickly. This is why, if you can afford it, it is a good idea to pay your bill in its entirety to avoid additional charges.

What can the government do if you don’t pay up?

They could impose a lien on property you owe such as your home or car. A lien is essentially a legal claim on the property. What this means is that you cannot sell the property unless you pay your back taxes and the lien is lifted.

The IRS could also come after your paycheck. They can do so by garnishing your wages or even Social Security payments. If you are owed any tax refunds, they might take that and apply it to your unpaid taxes.

In addition, the government will also notify credit bureaus, damaging your credit rating and making it more difficult for you to get a car loan or home loan or even a new credit card. They could even come after your other property, seize and sell it, applying the proceeds to your tax debt.

Why You Can’t Handle This On Your Own

Facing the IRS on your own can be a daunting challenge. When you call them you can rest assured they will ask you a number of questions about your back taxes. They will use anything you tell them against you. They are the experts in tax law. It is also important to remember that they don’t care about your personal or financial situation. All they want is to collect the tax debt and move on.

The best way for you to learn about your rights and protect yourself and your assets is by contacting an experienced tax attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you understand and navigate complex tax issues and assist you with developing a concrete plan to get you out of this situation, be it devising a settlement plan or helping you file bankruptcy. It is critical that you contact an attorney as soon as you get an IRS tax bill. Doing so will help you reduce or eliminate your tax debt before things get out of hand.

The decisions you make during this time can be extremely crucial. If you don’t have someone on your side who is well versed in the tax code and tax law, you may end up sacrificing property that you worked so hard to acquire, and perhaps, even your financial future. Please don’t let this happen to you. Contact an experienced Arizona tax relief lawyer right away.

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