Arizona IRS Tax Levy Attorney

The IRS has the authority to take drastic measures to collect taxes that they claim they are owed. One way that they do this is through the use of levies, which can be placed on your paychecks, as well as any assets that you own. At the Zolman Law, we can help stop an IRS levy. You do not have to feel intimidated by the IRS. We have the experience and knowledge to help resolve your tax problems.

If the IRS is threatening to come after your paychecks or your valuable property, we can help. Contact our Arizona tax resolution lawyer online or call 480-745-1510 to schedule a free initial consultation.

We Will Work to Stop IRS Levies

A tax levy can involve many different types of actions. The IRS may enact a wage levy, effectively garnishing a significant portion of your paycheck. They may also place a levy on your home, motor vehicles, stocks and other valuable assets. At the Zolman Law, PLLC, our legal team can stop the IRS. A levy is a serious action and it needs to be taken seriously. With our dedicated Mesa tax attorney in your corner, you can rest assured that you will have a strong advocate on your side who can stand up to the IRS.

We will work closely with you to explore your options for dealing with your tax problems. We may be able to settle IRS debts through affordable repayments under a tax installment plan. We can also help you with offers in compromise and other settlement plans. Waiting to confront your IRS issues or hoping that they go away on their own is the worst thing you can do. We can help you take a proactive approach to problem-solving that may help you save a significant amount of money in the long run, as well as relieve the stress you may be feeling.

You Have Come to the Right Place

When you have been contacted by the IRS concerning back taxes or other tax problems, it is natural to feel some anxiety. Everyone has heard horror stories concerning the IRS and their uncompromising ways. The good news is there are proactive ways to handle the IRS and get them off of your back. At the Zolman Law, PLLC, we can stop the IRS. Our Arizona tax lawyer has extensive experience in helping individuals overcome their tax problems. We will help you confront your tax problems proactively and assertively.

Dealing with the IRS does not have to be a hopeless affair. Contact our Mesa tax relief attorney online or call 480-745-1510 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Taking Steps to Proactively Handle IRS Problems

There are a number of steps that the legal team at the Zolman Law, PLLC, can take to help you proactively handle your problems with the IRS, including:

We can help you file back taxes. This may include calling the IRS to order transcripts. Even if you cannot pay them at this time, it is important to address the problem. This can prevent punitive tax collection tactics such as wage garnishment or IRS levies placed against your bank account.

We can request that you be placed on hardship status. This will likely define you as “uncollectible” with the IRS, meaning that they will not attempt to collect from you for a long period of time.

We will explore options that may buy you more time to help you resolve your tax problems.

If you have received notices about failures to file your income tax return or a failure to make quarterly estimated tax payments, we can act as your exclusive communication provider between you and the IRS.

We may be able to help you settle IRS debts, including working out and negotiating offers in compromise with the IRS, complete with a payment plan that you can make good on.

Call for a Free Consultation With an Experienced Tax Law Lawyer

Whether you are a business owner or a private citizen, we can help put an end to intimidating and aggressive collections efforts by the IRS. Contact our Arizona IRS tax attorneys online or call 480-745-1510 for a free initial consultation.

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