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Happy Holidays!

The Zolman Law’s Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter, December 2011, is now ready for you to enjoy and share with friends and family this holiday season. Don’t forget to set aside some quiet time for yourself during this busy time of year. Sit back and relax a little with your favorite cup of holiday cheer and read your preferred Arizona bankruptcy newsletter.
We have some great articles for you this month, including some important money-saving tips. Here’s a quick review of what’s inside this December issue.

Is Your Credit Report Accurate?

You and your spouse will probably be using your credit cards for gift shopping this year. We do love the convenience of not having to carry cash! But with credit comes responsibility – you need to make sure that your credit history is an accurate reflection of your spending and borrowing. If you are not already in the habit of examining your credit report at least once a year, then this is a good time to request your free annual credit report from the reporting bureaus. By reading this article, you will learn how to locate errors in your credit report and, just as importantly, how to clean up problem entries that are inaccurate, incorrect, or just plain old.

Skiing and Snowboarding, How a Mishap on the Slopes Can Turn into a Lawsuit

Do you love snow? With so many of the finest ski resorts in the country nearby, it is not surprising that every year some Arizonans will be seriously injured in accidents on the slopes. Read about the winter sports accidents that lead to personal injury lawsuits over negligent maintenance, defective equipment, and more in this eye-opening article about mishaps on the ski slopes. (On the lighter side, if you like really deep snow, then we have some fun snow-facts for you, too.)

Prioritizing Your Debts, Some Are More Important than Others

At this celebratory time of year, we often spend a little more, maybe a lot more, than we originally planned for. Sticking with holiday buying bargains on Black Friday and Cyber Monday may still leave us with a debt to pay off in the New Year. Knowing what debts have priority and should be paid first is an essential budgeting tool. In this article, we separate all debts into two categories (essential and nonessential) and explain how each should be handled when it comes time to pay those monthly bills.

Avoiding Hidden Bank Fees

One way to save money over the course of the year is to open a savings and checking account with a consumer-friendly bank. In this article we give you four simple steps to help you avoid hidden bank charges and fees. As a smart consumer, make sure you start the New Year with a plan to comparison shop for the best banking deals.

New Technologies Could Help Drowsy Drivers

This is a fascinating article about the newest driver-alertness technologies being introduced into automobiles manufactured by Mercedes, Saab, and others. Did you know that drowsy drivers cause approximately 100,000 accidents every year? That’s why aftermarket products like the Anti-Sleep Pilot are starting to appear online and on store shelves. These amazing new devices help drivers stay alert, stay awake, and stay alive!

Important Dates for December

Arizona bankruptcy attorney Lawrence ‘D’ Zolman will be making several television appearances in December to coincide with the release of his new book – Bankruptcy Secrets “They” Don’t Want You to Know. You don’t want to miss these important interviews with Mr. Zolfaghari, so check the newsletter for TV-channel information.

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Best Wishes for the Holidays!