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Read the New Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter, January 2012

The New Year’s edition of our Zolman Law Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter, January 2012, is now available for you and yours to read and enjoy.
We’ve included some interesting and practical articles in this month’s newsletter, so grab your morning coffee and take a look see at what’s happening.

The Automatic Stay: How Filing for Bankruptcy Protects You

Have you ever wondered how filing for bankruptcy stops creditors dead in their tracks? As discussed in this timely article, the automatic stay is a statutory injunction that gives the bankruptcy petitioner in a Chapter 7 Liquidation, Chapter 11 Reorganization, or Chapter 13 Individual Debt Reorganization immediate across-the-board protection from bill collectors and creditors.

Winter Slips and Falls

Even in Arizona, the build-up of ice can cause slips and falls that result in serious injury and incur emergency and long-term medical expenses. When the accumulation of ice was because of the property owner’s negligence, then a personal injury lawsuit may be worth pursuing. Learn how to discern whether negligence is the culprit in an icy slip and fall.

Screening for High Cholesterol in Children

New cholesterol screening recommendations for children have been released by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This article explains how testing today can protect your children’s health long into the future.

What Does Your Car Say About You?

If you own a late model motor vehicle, then there is a good chance it is equipped with an Event Data Recorder (EDR). The data recorded in the EDR is the subject of recent controversy, as insurance companies would like unlimited access for post-accident reconstruction. You may have unknowingly consented to the release of that data to your insurance company as part of your policy agreement. This article reviews some of the pros and cons relating to the EDR data disclosure in insurance claims cases.

Recent Toy Recall

In a toy safety recall, Build-A-Bear Workshop voluntarily calls for the return of 20,000 accessory sets sold in 2011 that create a strangulation hazard. Get the facts here!

Tips for Using Gift Cards

With the year-end frenzy behind us, you may find yourself looking to do a little post-holiday shopping for yourself now. That’s especially true if you, like so many Arizonan’s, received a gift card from your employer, friend or family member. To make sure you get the most from that thoughtful gift, we’ve given you six tips for using gift cards. Enjoy those January inventory reduction sales and get the greatest value from your gift card at the same time.
So have a good read with our Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletter, January 2012, and feel free to pass it along to friends and family who could make use of a few helpful tips, too.