Arizona Tax AttorneyAccording to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), the IRS is mishandling lien filings made against people who owe back taxes to the IRS. Problems include copies of lien notices not being sent to the taxpayer’s representative, the IRS not using the correct last known address to send the notice, and simply not sending notices to taxpayers in a timely fashion.
As a result, some Arizona residents who are behind on their taxes may have liens filed against them and not even know it until it is too late. Technically, the IRS is supposed to notify taxpayers of a lien filing in a written notice sent to the person’s last known address within five days. Any authorized representatives of the taxpayer must be notified as well. The notified party then has 30 days to appeal the lien before it goes into effect. If they fail to appeal in time, the taxpayer will have to go to court to get the issue resolved.
TIGTA has estimated that the proper representative is not notified in 26% of cases, and that 2% of the time taxpayer themselves are notified late. Many notices that are returned to sender are never followed up on. If you are notified of a tax lien against you, don’t delay – contact a qualified Arizona tax attorney right away.
At The Zolman Law, we understand that if you do run into tax problems with the IRS, it can be overwhelming.  Whether you have received a lien notice, owe back taxes, haven’t filed taxes for several years, or have received an audit or wage garnishment notice from the IRS, the attorneys at The Zolman Law, can help you or your business with these and any other federal and state tax problems.
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