problem-250x187It can stressful enough raising kids on your own after a divorce, but all too often the strain on finances becomes too much to bear. For some people, other issues arise that make stretching a single parent paycheck nearly impossible. Here is one woman’s story:
Jennifer is a single parent raising children in Wisconsin. Earning only $11 an hour she has struggled to make ends meet, but was sustaining herself for quite some time until the worst scenario arose. Jennifer’s check became garnished recently for unpaid debts, specifically student loan payments. Taking some 15% of her check for student loan debt payments, she also faces a 25% deduction for child support for children from another marriage. When it is all added up, Jennifer’s paycheck is reduced from $800 every two weeks to just $410. Working 40 hours a week should account for something more, but with these debt collection troubles, Jennifer cannot support her family.
Unfortunately, Jennifer’s story isn’t all that unique. Many of Americans are finding themselves under wage garnishment orders now more than ever. As the debt collection industry ramps up to become more aggressive many debtors are finding themselves slapped with lawsuits and garnishments over even unsecured debts like credit cards and medical bills. The growing wage garnishment trend is becoming a real problem among a nation of already struggling families.
The National Association of Consumer Family Law Attorneys is urging consumers to consult with a local lawyer. A Phoenix bankruptcy  lawyer can help stop wage garnishments and work to resolve debts while protecting a paycheck. If you or someone you know is having a paycheck garnished, get help right away. Don’t let the collection companies take more than their monthly share.
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