Think the IRS or the Arizona state tax board is infallible? Think again. When an official IRS or State of Arizona letter arrives in the mail saying you owe back taxes,  it might be best to take a closer look.
Dinah White of Wisconsin was quite aware that she owed the state back taxes – but not the $1.3 million they claim. According to her records she owes $300,000 in back taxes, and will now have to meet with a state tax auditor to get it all straightened out.
The founder of Popeye’s Chicken, Al Copeland, was erroneously listed by the state of Georgia asthe state’s second largest tax delinquent – even though Copeland never lived in Georgia. It wasn’t until after his death that a national magazine convinced the stateof Georgia to review the file, remove Copeland from their delinquency list, and give up their claims against his estate.
Movie producer and former owner of the Los Angeles Kings hockey team, Bruce McNall, thought his $7.3 million in unpaid sales taxes had been released when he declared bankruptcy. But the California State Board of Equalization was still attempting to recover the money from him. According to the bankruptcy trustee in McNall’s case,the statewas paid $250,000 to settle the debt as part of McNall’s bankruptcy proceedings – meaning McNall is indeed off the hook for the debt.
The moral of these stories? If you get a letter from the state of Arizona or the IRS saying you owe them money, make sure they’re right before you get out the checkbook. And hire an experienced tax relief attorney to help you defend yourself.
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