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Can I Delay My Bankruptcy?

When you find yourself in deep financial trouble, you may realize that bankruptcy may just be the best available option in order to settle your debts. Take caution, though, because filing bankruptcy may have undesirable lifelong consequences. On the flip side, a bankruptcy filing enables you to acquire a discharge of your debts and this can offer some sort of relief from issues you may come across when in debt. What are the positive effects of filing bankruptcy? [...]

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Can I Protect My Assets from the IRS?

Paying taxes is burdensome to some people.  There may be times when you miss out on properly computing the correct deductions from your paychecks or you may have overlooked the filing of your taxes for your freelance work income or from your investments.  You may just be surprised when the big tax bill arrives come April.  Not a lot of people have enough cash to pay off unexpected debts and you may be at a loss on how [...]

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How Does Bankruptcy Affect My Student Loans in Arizona?

In the majority of courts, you can either obtain the discharge of all your student loans, or you cannot have them discharged at all. However in some courts, student loans may be partially discharged if undue hardship is proven. It is tough to pass the undue hardship test, but it is possible. A scholastic paper released in the American Bankruptcy Law  Journal discovered that at the very least 40% of debtors that include their student loans in their [...]

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