When Dorothy Dillon Eweson, daughter of Wall Street financier Clarence Dillon, died in 2005 she left behind an estate worth $300 million. A few years later, the boyfriend of the widow of one of Eweson’s grandsons and a Nashville lawyer, William Prentice Cooper, filed what is known as a Form 211 “award for original information” with the IRS. In it he requested an informant’s reward for alerting the IRS that Eweson’s estate had dodged $100 million in estate taxes by not paying the generation-skipping tax owed on a large trust set up by Dillion.
The IRS sent Cooper a letter stating that the accusations he made were merit less and he therefore had no claim to any reward. Cooper then filed suit against the IRS, asking the court to order the IRS to re-evaluate his claim. The IRS asked the court to dismiss the case on the grounds that the court had no jurisdiction. But the US Tax Court disagreed, and has issued an opinion stating that it does have jurisdiction and that it will hear the matter.
Even if you’re not one of the richest families in America, anyone could turn you into the IRS for a reward if they suspect you have cheated on your taxes – so it’s best not to discuss your taxes in public even if you have been completely honest.
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