There are few things Arizonans dread more than the news that they will be getting audited by the IRS. Even the most scrupulous of taxpayers can spend many sleepless nights wondering if they have categorized and documented their deductions and credits properly.
In this series of blogs, we will look at the ten basic steps you can take to minimize the chances of getting that scary audit letter in the mail.
#5: Keep Track of All Your 1099 Forms
For some, 1099 forms fall like rain around tax time. 1099 forms are used to report everything from interest income to gambling winnings. You don’t have to send these forms in to the IRS, because the entity sending you the 1099 will take care of that. But you do have to account for all of them on your return – and be ready to produce them if you are audited.
The IRS will match your reported 1099 earnings against the 1099s they receive – so be sure to carefully account for each and every one. If one of them is wrong for some reason, you can provide an explanation and adjustment on the return, but you need to report it first.
As always, if you’re confused about the rules, check with a qualified tax professional.
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