[Editor’s Note: This is Part Two of a three-part series. Be sure to read Part One here.]
Bankruptcy is stressful. It is extremely emotional, and it is easy to underestimate the intensity of the pressures.
I have seen people break down and cry in front of the bankruptcy trustee. I’ve seen people make mistakes on a form which means the court refuses to let the bankruptcy filing move forward.
These people are sent back to square one. They are forced to start all over again, and sadly, the work they’ve put in, the money they’ve spent on filing fees, it’s all been wasted.
This means they are not protected by bankruptcy. They can lose their home, their car, and other assets. It also means that it will be more difficult on the second attempt. There will be new hurdles, new complications, and new expenses for you.
One more thing. You might think, “I’ll try to file myself and if it doesn’t work, if the bankruptcy court throws my case out, I’ll come back and hire you.”
I respect your determination to try and do this on your own. But you should know that your legal fees will probably be higher when we try to file the second time. The automatic stay is limited.
That’s how the courts work. It’s how the process is designed. Charging you a higher fee is not a choice we get to make here at the Zolman Law. It’s a direct reflection of the extra work that’s needed after the first effort has failed.

How To Know Where You Stand On Legal Fees

When you work with us, you’ll know all your fees up front.
Before you tell us, “yes,” and trust us to take care of this responsibility, you will know exactly what you’ll pay. We will give you a flat fee, and we will honor it.
Some lawyers charge differently. You pay them by the hour, and you’re not told exactly how many hours your case will take. This is one of the big reasons why some bankruptcy lawyers are so expensive. This type of a firm can easily surprise you with a bill for $10,000… or more.
Other bankruptcy lawyers lure you in the door with an appealing low fee. But it turns out that the fee doesn’t cover all of the work that’s done. Extra charges keep popping up. Before long, you’ve discovered that the discount lawyer wasn’t such a good deal after all.
Our fees are one of the big reasons why we are one of Arizona’s leading bankruptcy law firms. Clients know they’re being treated fairly when it comes to the legal fees.
And of course, they also know they’re getting professional legal representation.
One More Thing
Sometimes, the question you don’t know you should ask is the most important question of all.
Remember Margaret Beaune? She had no idea that Chapter 13 would let her keep her car, and lower her car payment. She never considered asking this question.
This is the biggest challenge you’ll face with filing your own bankruptcy. Even if you master the process of all the paperwork, you need to know that the road you are following is the road that will lead to the destination you want.
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