Everyone knows that they need to pay taxes on regular income,  but not everyone is as familiar with how the IRS treats windfalls – lottery and gambling winnings, inheritances, prizes, stock dividends and other unexpected and infrequent cash payouts. It may come as no surprise that the IRS requires taxpayers to pay taxes on all income, no matter what the source.
While setting aside a percentage of gambling income for taxes may not be a big deal, the IRS also expects you to pay the tax on the cash value of any non-cash prizes. So if you were lucky enough to win that new car at the local charity raffle, you would have to pay the taxes on the value of that car. The same would hold true if you won a vacation, free pizza for a year, or any other item of value.
Unfortunately, the more fabulous the prize, the higher the tax bill, which would explain why every single winner of the million dollar HGTV dream home contest so far has had to turn around and sell their prize in order to pay their tax bill.
Arizona residents lucky enough to have won a valuable prize this year should consult with a tax adviser on how to pay taxes on it. Bear in mind that a substantial prize could also push you into a higher tax bracket – meaning you’d have to pay a higher rate than usual on your regular income as well.
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